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Thursday May 13, 2021

Welcome to the 1st CSTM Virtual Scientific Conference 

Nicole Caldwell

Susanna Darnel

Jonaki Manna

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Concurrent Session 1A

Covid-19 Challenges on the Blood Supply

Phenotyped Red Blood Cells for Sickle Cell Patients - Maintaining the Supply

Gwen Clarke

Adaptability: Canadian Blood Services’ Response to COVID-19

Cheryl Doncaster/ Lise Simpson

Héma-Québec: Québec’s experience with the pandemic

Marie-Hélène Robert / Pier-Luc Savard

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*Concurrent Session 1B

Blood Shortage Management / Pénuries de sang au Canada

Fact, Fiction and Function a Blood Shortages Prime

Gail Samaan/ Dorothy Harris

Managing Emergency Blood Shortage

Melissa Leonard/ John Whalen

Blood Shortages Planning-NEBMC Construct

Oksana Prokopchuk-Gauk 

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Concurrent Session 1C

Donor Hot Topics

The Impact of the Pandemic on Donor Eligibility

Michelle Zeller

The Impact of the Pandemic on Blood and Donor Safety 

Catherine Latour

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Concurrent Session 2A

Canadian Blood Services Research Highlights

IVIg with Focused Ultrasound for the Treatment of Alzheimer’s Disease

Donald Branch

Platelets are versatile cells: new discoveries and new opportunities 

Heyu Ni

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*Concurrent Session 2B

Transfusion Education / Éducation en transfusion au Canada

Transfusion Camp 

Yulia Lin

Vancouver TM Training Program 

Andrew Shih

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Concurrent Session 2C

Cold Stored Whole Blood

What’s old is new again – the use of whole blood for massive bleeding 

Mark Yazer

Cold Stored Whole Blood: Supplier perspective

Chantale Pambrun

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Concurrent Session 3A

Héma Québec Research Highlights

One Night in Québec – Collaborative projects at interdisciplinary borders

Danny Brouard

R&D duties during a pandemic – 2020s tale 

Patrick Trépanier

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Concurrent Session 3B

Transfusion Education

Transfusion Medicine Physician Trainee Education Seminar Series

Matthew Yan

Immunohematology training program: Héma-Québec’s experience 

Nadia Baillargeon

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*Concurrent Session 3C

Cold Stored Platelets / Plaquettes entreposées au froid

Cold Stored Platelets: How are they different from warm platelets? 

Dana Devine

Bacterial Growth in Cold-Stored Platelets

Sandra Ramirez-Arcos

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Friday May 14, 2021

*Plenary Session  

Convalescent Plasma Trials/ Études cliniques sur le plasma convalescent

Convalescent Plasma for COVID-19: What have we learned in the first year of the pandemic?

Jeannie Callum

Convalescent plasma in Canada: Update on the CONCOR-1 trial

Philippe Bégin

How to engage the community in clinical trials? CONCOR-1 experience

Emily Sirotich

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*Concurrent Session 4A

Covid-19 - What do we know now?/ Covid-19 et coagulation- Que savons nous maintenant

COVID 19 Coagulopathy Scientific perspective 

Ed Pryzdial

Antithrombotic management of patients with COVID-19

Michelle Sholzberg

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Concurrent Session 4B

Ethics in Transfusion Medicine

Empowering Triage Teams

Timothy Christie

Resource Management in a Pandemic 

Hakan Buyukdere

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Concurrent Session 4C

Choosing Wisely

Using blood wisely

Yulia Lin

Choosing Wisely - Atlantic Canada progress report

Emma Boulay

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Concurrent Session 5A

Covid Antibodies

Understanding serologic responses to SARS-CoV-2 infection

Steven Drews

Covid-19 Antibodies

Renée Bazin

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Concurrent Session 5B

Standing Updates

*Update: Health Canada’s Inspections

Mélanie Mercier

Update: National Advisory Committee on Blood and Blood Products

Alan Tinmouth 

Comité consultative en médécine transfusionnelle (CCNMT): Update of activities - 2020-2021

Heather Hume

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*Concurrent Session 5C

Nightmares in Transfusion Medicine / Cauchemars en médecine transfusionnelle

Hyperhemolysis case

Jacob Pendergrast

Doing The Best For Our Patients During Challenging Times 

Christine Cotton

Panagglutinins : Finding a match when everything is incompatible

Maude Landry

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Saturday May 15, 2021

CSTM Awards / Tribute to Dr. Elianna Saidenberg

Ann Wilson

Alan Tinmouth

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*Concurrent Plenary Session 2A

COVID-19, A National Perspective / Initiatives hospitalières en lien avec la COVID-19

Jason Acker

Health Canada Reporting

Eric McGinnis/ Robert Guo

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*Concurrent Plenary Session 2B

Errors, Accidents and Adverse Reactions under Health Canada’s Blood Regulations

Mélanie Mercier

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Please note there is no recording for this session.

A PDF of the presentation is available in both English and French. 

Errors, Accidents and Adverse Reactions under Health Canada’s Blood Regulations

Exigences de SC pour les accidents, manquements et effets indesirables sous le Règlement

Concurrent Session 6A

Plasma Shortages due to COVID-19

IVIg supply disruption in Quebec during the COVID19 pandemic: why and how to respond

Nancy Robitaille/ Christine Ouimet

Patient Perspectives: “Scott’s Scuttlebutt on Scarce SCIg”

Tara Redfern

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*Concurrent Session 6B

Transfusion in Diverse Populations / Transfusion dans diverses populations

Transfusion In Oncology Patients

Jacques Maillet

The ABCS of Pediatric MHPs – More Qs than As

Jennifer Duncan

MIH out-of-hospital community blood transfusions: An update

Tin-Shan (Tim) Chung

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Concurrent Session 6C

CSTM committee Updates

COPTN Canadian Obstetrical and Pediatric Transfusion Network Project Update: Which tests should be performed on this cord blood sample?

Omar Issam Ali Hajjaj

Update from The Specialist in Transfusion Science (STS) Subcommittee

Gwen Clarke

CSTM Standards Committee “Where we are in 2021” 

Danielle Watson

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Transfusion Trek & Scavenger Hunt

Gail Samaan

Claire McWilliam

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*Concurrent Session 7A

Serological Case Studies /Études decas sérologiques

Bombay case - Fulfilling a Request for a Bombay Phenotype

Susan White/ Louise Ringuette

Sickle Cell Antibodies: Acute Anemia Post-Transfusion

Jonaki Manna

Malignancy Induced Autoantibodies

Waseem Anani

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Concurrent Session 7B

Nursing Topics

Introduction to the CSTM Transfusion Safety Network

Crystal Brunk

Becoming a Transfusion Practitioner 

Clare O’Reilly

COPTN Project Update: Pediatric Massive Transfusion

Valérie Arsenault

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*Concurrent Session 7C

Prenatal Topics/ Médecine transfusionnelle périnatale

Postnatal impact of alloimmunization on the neonate 

Lani Lieberman

Management of postpartum hemorrhage: Massive transfusion protocols and beyond

Nadine Shehata

Perinatal management of Carriers of Hemophilia and their Newborn

Shauna Gray/ Julie Cormier

Canadian Blood Bank Practices for Red Cell Intrauterine Transfusion: Variations and Innovations

Melanie Bodnar

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Concurrent Session 8A

Selected Oral Abstracts - Administrative

Prevention of Alloimmunization in Mothers of Saskatchewan: Development of a Hospital-based Provincial Prenatal Testing Program Structure

Oksana Prokopchuk-Gauk

Development of a Library of TikToks to Support Stem Cell Donor Recruitment in Canada

Brady Park 

Transfusion Medicine Education for Physicians

Troy Thompson

Multimedia resources to engage gay, bisexual, and queer men in Canada as stem cell donors

Natalie DeGurse

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Concurrent Session 8B

Selected Oral Abstracts - Scientific

Tracking SARS-CoV-2 seroprevalence among Canadian blood donors

Sahar Saeed

Current challenges and implication for SARS-CoV-2 seroprevalence studies among blood donors: A Scoping Review

Sahar Saeed

Evaluating Red Cell Concentrate Product Quality from Day 42 to Day 49 of Hypothermic Storage

Tracey Turner

Loss of repeat convalescent plasma donors due to waning anti-SARS-CoV2-2 plaque reduction neutralization test titers (April-December 2020).

Steven Drews

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Concurrent Session 8C

Selected Oral Abstracts - Clinical

Transfusion of a Platelet Pool Contaminated with Exotoxin-Producing Staphylococcus aureus: A Case Report

Sandra Ramirez Arcos

A case of recipient neutrophil and human leukocyte antigen antibody mediated fatal reverse transfusion related acute lung injury

Rachel Jug

Transfusion of Paediatric Sickle Cell Anemia patients: sickle screening of units discontinued

Letka Dumevska

Impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on blood donations in Canada 

Sahar Saeed 

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Closing / Toronto 2022

Nicole Caldwell

Jonaki Manna

Troy Thompson

Katerina Pavenski

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NB Folk Songs by Mike Bravener

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